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Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

When: 13th – 20th May

As Mental Health Awareness Week unfolds, the theme of movement takes centre stage, urging us to recognise the profound impact of physical activity on our mental well-being.

In a world often inundated with stress and anxiety, the simple act of moving more can be transformative. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a yoga session, or a dance class, movement offers an invaluable outlet for releasing tension, boosting mood, and fostering a deeper connection with ourselves.

This week, let’s prioritise movement to nurture our mental health. Integrating physical activity into our daily routines in small increments, we show respect for our bodies while building resilience and enhancing self-care.

Together, let’s embrace movement as a powerful tool for promoting mental wellness and breaking down the barriers of stigma surrounding mental health.

Get moving with UHD Thrive Wellbeing’ ‘Movement Bingo Activity’s ‘Be Active Bingo’! Whether solo or with your team, dive into fun challenges that promote physical activity and wellness.

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